OCAAC Poker Tournament

Location: Emerald Bay I & II - Friday Apr 07 10:00 PM

Cards in the air at 11 pm.


 Preregistration $20 get you $1000 in chips.
 Option of an add on for $10 and this will get you $500 more in chips to start tournament.
  Register on the web: OCAAC.ORG . Select the Buy in, then select the Add on.
 If you registered at the time of the convention you can buy-in at the door if there is still room. Seating is limited to 120 players. Poker Tournament Add On for an extra $500 or more in chips is on only valid with Tournament Buy-in.
 Blind Structure
15/1010 min
210/2010 min
315/3010 min
420/4010 min
5Break/Chip Up10 min
625/5010 min
750/10010 min
875/15010 min
9100/20010 min
10150/30010 min
11Break/Chip Up10 min
12200/40010 min
13300/60010 min
14400/80010 min
15500/100010 min
16600/120010 min
17800/160010 min
18Break/Chip Up10 min
191000/200010 min
201500/300010 min
212000/400010 min
223000/600010 min

Happy Joyous and Free in 2023

For More Info: Contact:
NIck U. - 657-246-5460
or Joey W. - 760-707-7404