A A List - 32nd Annual
A A List    AL-Anon List
Friday April 14, 2017
Time Topic Group Name Leader Co-Leader City
12 PM Some are sicker than others  SASTO  Kurt S  Paul H   
1 PM Into Action  Saddleback Club  Frank  Jared   
2 PM Humor  Sans Womens Mtg  Genny B  Cindy T   
3 PM Past O.C convention chair leaders  Past Chairmans Mtg  Steve B  Missy P   
4 PM Acceptance  F-Troop  Memory  Denyse   
5 PM Power of Positive Thinking  Womens Hour of Power  Cheree  Shelby   
6 PM Thurs night mens stag  Stanton Detox  Kyle J  Brandon C   
7 PM Solutions  Sunday Night Speakers mtg of Orange  Adam C  Sara C   
9 PM Rule 62  Boozy Bunch  Stephanie K  Anthony H   
10 PM We are not a glum lot  Winners Circle  Jill L  Monique S   
11 PM Perspective  SASTO  Ryan A  Harry T   
11 PM Service work  Alcoholics  Paula P  Randy P   
Saturday April 15, 2017
Time Topic Group Name Leader Co-Leader City
1 AM Open Topic  Pajama Mtg  Carol  Andrea   
2 AM Young, Sober, and Serene  SWACYPAA  Maddie M  David J   
3 AM What step are you on and how its working in your life  Alcoholics  Brett P  Jared R   
4 AM Asking for help  Alcoholics  Brett P  Jeff M   
5 AM Gratitude  Alcoholics  Don W  Connor G   
6 AM Surrender  Surrender is Freedom  Terri L  Kelly L   
7 AM H.O.W  Newport Alano Jumpstart  Tim S  Billy   
8 AM Contempt prior to investigation  Alcoholics  Daniel C  Jay M   
9 AM Acceptance  As Bill Sees It  Andre W  Bill A   
10 AM Defects/Shortcomings  777 Mens Stag  Monte  Ian   
11 AM How it works  Early Birds  Darren R  Cinder R   
12 PM Willingness  Concepts  Andre W  Bill A   
1 PM Poker Run Awards  Poker Run- Orange  Matt  Frank   
2 PM Never Alone  202 Club  Robin R  Scott W   
3 PM AA UNITY  H.B. Keep it simple  Gary T  Tommy T   
4 PM Favorite part of Big Book and why  Tues Night Book Study  Scotty L  Brett P   
5 PM Relationships  Sons of Thunder/ Sisters of truth  Dennis L  Ciarra L   
6 PM 1st step  Alcoholics  Ron P  Rhonda P   
7 PM Open Topic  HB Meeting  Susan     
8 PM Having fun in sobriety  Rush Hour  Esther E  Kissa B   
9 PM Remembering where you came from  Paramount Group  Cindy F  Fernando H   
10 PM All about me  Orange Newcomer Mens stag  Jim S  Shawn M   
11 PM Resting on our Laurels  Jurrassic Park  Scotty L  Anthony C   
11 PM Healing through Music  HOW Hall Creative Sharing  TBD  TBD   
Sunday April 16, 2017
Time Topic Group Name Leader Co-Leader City
1 AM Healing through Music  HOW Hall Creative Sharing  TBD  TBD   
2 AM Lack of Power  Sunday Morning Book Study  Rachel B  Jason B   
3 AM Change  Roque Center  Kyle J  Dave H   
4 AM Feeling Different  Roque Center  Kyle J  Dave H   
5 AM Attitude of Gratitude  Fullerton Alano  Lynne  Francisco   
6 AM The hand of fellowship  Alcoholics  Lisa C  Vince C   
7 AM Solution  The best damn meeting in O.C  Paula R  Tammy C   
8 AM More than a mens meeting  Tues Night Mens Beginners  Don  Maureen   
9 AM Gratitude/forgiveness  Bunch of Drunks  Ken N  Jared R